Campeche, Mexico

Where is CAMPECHE?
(Pronounced Cam-Pay-Chay)

Set aside from the Interior and a very long distance from the US/Mexico border, the State of Campeche is located in the Western part of the Yucatan Peninsula along the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Campeche and the entire Yucatan Area have long been known by the local population for its secluded and safe coastline and cities. This relatively unknown part of Mexico is extremely safe and clean. It is home to a few major cities, several quaint towns, and numerous ancient Mayan Ruins. The fact that most people have never heard of Campeche is, in our estimation, not a bad thing. Developers have yet to take over the untamed wilderness where the locals see wild life such as ant eaters, tropical birds, and fish galore. There are always things to see and to do while in Campeche. Whether you come to explore the ways of ancient Mayan cultures, escape on Campeche's secluded, pristine beaches with magical sunsets, or seek the beautiful blue open water we are here to help guide you on your way.


Watch the video above offered by the Campeche Office of Tourism to see selected sites and events thoughout Campeche

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The developers of Las Fuentes Campeche have traveled many possible routes from Memphis, Tennessee to the property. Continental Airlines from Memphis to Houston, Texas to Ciudad Del Carmen departing Memphis generally at 6:10 am and arriving in Ciudad Del Carmen at 12:15 pm. From Ciudad del Carmen it is a nice 50-minute drive along the coast to the property. (This is the fastest and most direct flights available currently.)
There are many Major Mexican and US stores in Ciudad del Carmen since this is a major hub for the off shore oil rigs located 80 miles out to sea. The airport has over 100 heliports for the oil industry employee and supply transport with helicopter transportation readily available.


The Mayan ruins are wide spread throughout the Yucatan, most within miles of one another. There are over 28 different Mayan ruins within a few hours drive from Las Fuentes Campeche. Several of the sites mentioned here are well known and less than an hour away from us. The ruins are constructed in the unique Rio Bec style of architecture and offer glimpses into the past civilizations that controlled this region of Mesoamerica.

Here are some links for further information about the Mayan Ruins.

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